The activities we coach as part of our in school and athletics academy programmes can be broken down into three sections. Running, jumping, and throwing. Within each section we focus on a different number of activities, and our coaching style for the activity is dependant on the ability of the group / individual athlete we are working with.

For example, within jumping we focus on long jump, triple jump, and high jump. However we are able to coach these activities at a grassroots level, i.e the fundamental skills required to jump; or at an advanced level, i.e learning to hitch kick and leg shoot.

Our UK based team of UK Athletics qualified coaches are the back bone to ensuring the sessions we deliver are tailored, focused and appropriate for the level of athlete we are coaching.

Our Elite Athletics Camp, which run during school holidays are tailored slightly differently to this. For these we bring in new British Olympic / Team GB athletes who are even specialists.

We are therefore able to offer the following activities:

  • Advanced Jumps Workshop
  • Advanced Throws Workshop
  • Elite Teen Sprints Academy

Activities provided at our camps are tailored towards elite performace and therefore designed to help taper athletes for competitions.